What if the next big scientific discovery were to come from a team based in Nairobi or Gomé? What if the next Einstein was African?

This is the Neil Turok’s bet, one of our greatest living cosmologists. A South African born and raised in the drama of the struggle against apartheid, he knows this truth better than anyone: the continent has brilliant minds with untapped potential. Africa and its development must belong to them. This will change Africa, but also the world.

Twelve years ago, in Cape Town, he launched AIMS, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a fast-track program dedicated to the best mathematicians of the continent. It may be breeding the next Einstein. It definetely carries a different vision and future for Africa as a whole.

Unfortunately, this film is only available in french.


Directed by : Flore Vasseur & Laurent Besançon – Images : Cyrille Renaux & Emmanuel Royer – Sound : Pascal Fuchs – Production manager : Sofia Saa – Produced by ARTE & TrendSpotting