Éditions des Equateurs
August 2006, 222 pages
Prix Découverte Figaro Magazine / Fouquet’s 2006
Not available in english (translation in progress)

A child of the 21st century, the heroine of A girl in the city wants passion without strings attached, freedom without duty, work without constraint. Paris is too tiny. In New York, during the Internet bubble, she starts her company, works too much, believes she’s making and having it all. September 11 shed a different light, she considers her dreams obscene. But is that is ?

From New York to Kabul, via Paris, Seoul and Mexico City, A Girl in the City is a like a road-movie about economic madness, a terrifying picture of love in the age of globalization, of a generation on the edge of the abyss.

Flore Vasseur’s first novel is outstanding”, Olivia de Lamberterie, Elle.

We could think of Tom Wolfe and his “Bunfire of Vanities”. Of Bret Easton Ellis and his neo-yuppies world. Of Douglas Coupland and his Generation X. At the age of 33, Flore Vasseur makes a tremendous entrance in literature”. Emilie Grangeray, Le Monde.